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Mobility, the Internet of Things and data science are transformative technologies that are still early in their lifecycles. All will impact our lives and businesses for years to come, inevitably spawning new technologies and business models yet to be imagined.

I started Espria Digital, a digital business consultancy, to help enterprises and technology companies devise and execute growth strategies that exploit these extraordinary technologies. Having been in tech for 35 years – and in mobility since 1991, practically since its inception – I look forward to sharing my business and technology experience with companies seeking to accelerate innovation, deliver great products and streamline their operations.

Espria Digital focuses on three areas:

Business Mobility: Changing the way people and things connect, share, think and engage.

Smart, Connected Products: Transforming companies, business models and competition through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Strategy and Innovation: Blending business and technology strategy with execution to accelerate innovation, capture growth opportunities, and engage employees and customers.

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dgrust@espriadigital.com; 609-716-9531

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