AI Reboots. Now Business Must Learn AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our world in subtle but profound ways. I am not referring to the futuristic Westworld version of AI but the more immediate, practical version that portends a new era of computing – an era in which powerful algorithms unlock valuable insight from data and where data becomes an asset that Read more about AI Reboots. Now Business Must Learn AI.[…]

Microsoft Acquires Xamarin; A Rare MADP Start-Up Success

Having been in mobile software since 1991, I enjoy watching and tracking the companies that drive innovation in our space. One pattern stands out: the rules of gravity eventually prevail; you either reach escape velocity or fall back to earth. With this in mind, Xamarin devised a brilliant strategy and executed it to a remarkable Read more about Microsoft Acquires Xamarin; A Rare MADP Start-Up Success[…]

Welcome to Espria Digital!

Mobility, the Internet of Things and data science are transformative technologies that are still early in their lifecycles. All will impact our lives and businesses for years to come, inevitably spawning new technologies and business models yet to be imagined. I started Espria Digital, a digital business consultancy, to help enterprises and technology companies devise Read more about Welcome to Espria Digital![…]