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Espria Digital blends business and technology strategy with pragmatic execution to drive innovation.
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Make your data actionable with advanced visualization, predictive analytics and machine learning.

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Mobile enterprises engage employees and customers to increase profit and achieve competitive advantage.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming companies, business models and competition.

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Espria Digital provides business advisory services for enterprises, technology companies and investors. Founded by Don Grust, Espria blends business and technology strategy with pragmatic execution to create products and solutions that capture markets, streamline operations and increase corporate value.

Our data science team is comprised of a highly experienced team of PhDs in math, statistics and machine learning. Steeped in the theory of machine learning and advanced statistical solutions, the team has tackled a wide range of business problems and is called upon to lead, assist and, at times, troubleshoot advanced data science projects.
Digital business consulting.

Don Grust is a CEO, executive and consultant for technology companies and enterprises. After starting his career at Bell Labs he moved to the business side to focus on blending business and technology strategy with execution. Experienced with turning around, positioning and building companies and leading teams, Don helps solve business problems to increase corporate value and create products that capture markets. He has been engaged in the mobile industry since 1991, practically since its inception, and today concentrates on cutting edge AI, data science, mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Business planning; growth and innovation strategies; competitive positioning.

  • AI, data science, mobility and IoT strategy; business / IT goal alignment; business case development; application and platform selection; project execution.

  • New company building; product and technology strategy; product market fit; market launch / expansion; strategic business development; business plan development; fund raising.

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